A musical memoir about love and distance between fathers and sons


“Jonathan Gillard Daly, a fine actor who excels in roles that require sensitivity and quiet intelligence, reveals himself as a superb playwright and lyricist in THE DALY NEWS.... A stage show of charming entertainment and powerful emotions... a snapshot of the effects of the World War II experience on an American family, delivered in a charming, deft, clever, and remarkably fluid performance.”

Russ Bickerstaff, SHEPHERD EXPRESS

“What’s most impressive, besides the skillful blend of music and story, is how THE DALY NEWS covers aspects of World War II that don’t often make it to the stage or screen... Daly crafts intense emotions from the everyday struggles of families during World War II.”


“ A solid and moving production... a 1940s era story that connects so well with audiences today, raising the ordinary to the extraordinary... a play that is as entertaining as it is heartrending.”

NEW TIMES, San Luis Obispo, CA.

“ A lovely score includes songs ranging from boogie-Wookiee to vaudeville-style patter and contemporary ballads... THE DALY NEWS sends you out singing.”